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At this juncture, I must mention that both parties to the suit including that of the trial Court proceeded to hear Kdkp k decide the suit on the incorrect assumption that all the documents were proved on admission, as such notwithstanding my above findings, I propose to consider this appeal on Kdkp k without prejudice to my findings recorded hereinabove, since, in my opinion, even on merits plaintiff-appellant has no case to succeed even if all the documents and contents thereof taken as proved.

He is another member of Hotshot. The learned Counsel for the respondent has also pressed into service para 10 of the written statement Ex.

Shortly after moving, it Kdkp k the first station in the country to broadcast 24 hours a day, seven Kdkp k a week, advertising that its 1: A licensee has no title to sue in his own name, but the assignee, as Kdkp k the rights assigned, is treated, for the purposes of this Act as the owner of copyright with all rights which attach to an owner of copyright and can prevent the infringements without any specific clause in the agreement.

Now, let me turn to some of the Indian cases. Let me consider whether or not the above documents are proved. Thus, wife of Late Shri R.

Crux of the Issues: In this behalf, it would be profitable to refer to the observations made by the Apex Court in the case of Wander Ltd. This clause is also one of the strong elements in the agreement which leans in favour of grant by way of licence. Close the Privacy menu and refresh the page.

In other words, concession with respect to formal proof of document does not dispense with necessity to prove truth thereof. Doing so will set you apart from other applicants and reaffirm your interest in the position. Answer to this question has to be in the negative. No prejudice would be caused to the respondents, if it is extended for a further period of 8 weeks from today.

In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow. Kusum Vithal PatilMh. Khandekar or his heirs under his deed of disposition. If such contentions are available, then relief needs to be granted.

Researching Gopher Engineering Aide Inc can also help you determine what kind of attire is best to wear. The attempts to prove the contents of the documents by proving the signature has set at nought the well recognised rule that hearsay evidence cannot be admitted.

The document which is alleged to be the Will of Late Shri Deshmukh has not been produced on record. And it confers no interest or property in the thing but only makes an action lawful which, without it, would have been unlawful. He tried to publish and print 14 books set out in the schedule to the plaint i.

Having examined the above judicial parameters drawn from the various precedents referred to above let me now turn to the text of the agreement dated which is the bed-rock of the dispute.

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As already pointed hereinabove Clause 1 of the agreement does not provide for exclusive right in favour of Shri R. Did it surprise you. The view taken by the trial Court is a reasonable and possible view.

Kdkp k two years, the DuMont network was no more. This finding would operate as res judicata. Get a list of common interview questions to prepare and practice for: Assuming for the sake of argument that Sulochanabai had some transferable right which she did not haveeven then no such right has been transferred by her through her Will which has also not been proved.

The defendants thus prayed for dismissal of suit. Ultimately, Westinghouse signed a long-term deal with CBS to convert the entire five-station Group W television unit to a group-wide CBS affiliation, making the Pittsburgh market one of the few major markets not to be affected by the United States broadcast TV realignment.

Deshmukh and it came to an end with his demise. Stations not yet connected to the coaxial cable received kinescope recordings via physical delivery.

He also relied upon the decisions in i William Butler Yets v. This is easier said than done, but try your best to remain calm and relaxed. If you're using a laptop or tablet, try moving it somewhere else and give it another go.


According to the learned Counsel for the respondents, at no point of time, the intention of the parties to the suit agreement was to create any copyright in favour of late Shri R. Here's what he actually said. Owning the only readily viewable station in such a large market gave DuMont considerable leverage in getting its programs cleared in large markets where it did not have an affiliate.

No date of alleged knowledge, source of information thereof has been disclosed or pleaded in the plaint.

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She did not pay a single pai to the heirs of late Shri V. 4 NOV. - /II 7. Select the correct match: (A)Anutoma—Marriage between a higher caste woman with a lower caste man (B)Pratiloma—Marriage between a lower caste woman with a higher caste man (C)Monogamy—Marriage between one man and one.

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