Nikon 4ps

For Nikon 4ps intents and purposes, this lens is extremely uniform across the frame at all apertures. Close view from the top of the Nikon F4s; motor drive advance mode set at 'S' for single frame, program mode in 'M' for manual, '0' for no exposure compensation.

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Closest focusing distance during AF operation is approx. With time, Nikon has created a strong user base and a wide network of shops and service centres.

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Apart from photography cameras, Nikon has made a few video cameras too. But don't try to touch the lens at slow shutter speeds. March 11, at 8: On NovemberNikon was featured as the official camera of Disneyland resort. The focus throw on this lens is very Nikon 4ps — fully half a circle from infinity to 3 feet, making accurate focus on close subjects easy.

I can detect absolutely no barrel or pincushion distortion. Following this Nikon zoomed ahead canon in terms of brand reputation, innovation and speed of camera operations. Here is the Nikkor-T The all-metal construction, combined with the large internal elements of glass help make this lens one of the heaviest primes out there.

Cameras by Nikon are available worldwide. When a lens of this caliber is mounted onto a comparatively tiny mirrorless camera such as the Sony NEX-7, the combination looks outright comical. People ask why I have posted a report on a defective lens here, and my answer is that this is a warning that even in this elevated price bracket, you can get a lemon product.


R10 and R8 super zoom models became very famous. The internal focusing keeps the lens the same size regardless of focus distance this also helps to keep dust and moisture outthe focusing action itself is buttery smooth, the aperture ring clicks with authority at each f-stop, and the lens mounts very smoothly and securely to any F-mount.

Nikon Nikkor 500mm f/0P IF ED lens + hard case + 4x Teleconverter (TC-14B) Excellent $1800

The P series are the high end cameras which offer the best in class optics. However many modern, high performance and high priced lenses from popular manufacturers include molded or hybrid aspherical elements, so it is not true that all lenses with plastic elements are of low photographic quality.

Depth of field is very limited at wider apertures so a slow focus ring is actually an asset. Marketing Mix of Nikon analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Nikon marketing mix explains the.

Sigma 12-24mm F5-6 II DG HSM

Photo posts must include the Nikon body and lens used to take the photo. Settings such as ISO, aperature and shutter speed is also highly recommended to be included. You can post these in the comments if you like, but this information must be included at the time of posting.

The Nikon D is a rugged, weather-sealed DSLR with a 45MP sensor with excellent resolution and more. From f/ primes to fast f/ zooms to f/4 zooms with VR, the latest line of FX-format lenses – many featuring our renowned Nano Crystal Coat – is fully optimized for the challenging lighting conditions in which the Nikon D4 is built to excel.

Marketing Mix of Nikon analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Nikon marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Nikon ED mm f4 P AI-S manual focus lens in excellent condition.

Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM

This is considered Nikon's sharpest manual telephoto lens, with 3 ED elements in the lens design. It produces superb images and is well-suited for both astrophotography and wildlife shooting.

Nikon 4ps
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Marketing Mix (4 Ps) : Product Strategies